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I Am Nelson
Software Developer

About Me

Hi, am Nelson a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER during the day, TECHNICAL WRITER during the night who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. I love to build things that works on computer (both for the web and mobile), also a cyclist, Disk Jockey (DJ) and lover of good music, console games, open-source and the TECH community.

What I Do

I like to build exciting, interactive and responsive apps making it accessible for the Web and Mobile platforms by turning mockups into actual web application using words, pictures and sounds with the mindset of building for mobile first and offline user experience, and also Chatbot.

illustration of people using gadget


I have a diverse set of skills ranging from the FRONTEND STACK [ HTML(5), CSS(BootStrap, Sass, Tailwind, Tachyons, Materialize, Material-UI, Ant Design), JavaScript (Es6, TypeScript, ReactJs, GatsbyJs, NextJs)] BACKEND STACK [NodeJs, ExpressJS, PHP], DATABASE [PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB] Git, Firebase, Wordpress, and Figma.


A platform that set aside the use of Google form to be used in volunteering for an event.

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An online platform to order and get healthy food

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A platform that list accredited driving schools for learning across the states in Nigeria

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